Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Sharing some Tips in Regard to Posting Event Flyers Online

Just want to share some tips in regard to posting Event Flyers online. Here goes ...
  1. Always post the files in the PDF format as opposed to posting a Microsoft Word File or Publisher File. PDF stands for Portable Document Format and it was developed by Adobe Acrobat - basically it is close to a universal format online and most web viewers can open the file. Visit Wikipedia to get more details about PDF files -
    And while at the Wikipedia website consider making a donation. They are an awesome resource and they need our support:
  2. Next suggest is to be sure to include your website address - We know the other details are important such as where, when and what but your website is important too. And assuming you save your file as a PDF then when you post your flyer online your website should be an active link.
  3. Our next suggest is how to name the file - keep in mind that the file name shows up in your website code so try to use your company name, short name of the event and then the date. Including the date is important so that at a glance the online viewer can see that the event is coming up or as past. 
  4. Here are some examples of event flyers we have posted for December within our network. Note how the file names incorporate the "company name, name of the event and the date" ...
    springwood_holiday_open_house_12-10-13.pdf - Click to view
    autumn_heights_cookie_exchange_12-8-13.pdf - Click to view
    holiday_celebration_lcca_12-12-13.pdf - Click to view
    healthSET_adopt_an_elder_2013.pdf - Click to view
  5. And here are links to the web pages where we list events. Our event listings have links out to websites and some have flyers posted online:
    Denver Senior Coalition Events - Click Here
    Denver News & Events for Seniors with - Click Here
Hope this is helpful. And don't forget to submit your events for both consumer and professional events - Click Here

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