Tuesday, October 13, 2015

The Prepared Senior eNewsletter for Oct-Nov 2015 is Posted

The Prepared Senior eNewsletter for Oct-Nov 2015 is posted online and sent to subscribers. Here is a link to the online version:
The Prepared Senior eNewsletter Oct-Nov 2015 - Click Here

I want to point out an interesting resource that we highlighted, that companies serving seniors can use to help their clients. 

Check out this Fall Prevention Resource - Click Here.
This brochure is created by the CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention) and it is meant to be used by companies serving seniors. This is part of "STEADI Materials for Your Older Adult Patients."

Go to this web page to see all of the STEADI Resources - Click Here
The CDC is providing versions with crop marks for if you want to print materials and also the online versions. There are also materials available in Spanish.

One of the interesting publications in the STEADI Resources is the Postural hypotension (or orthostatic hypotension). This is when a senior's blood pressure drops when you go from
lying down to sitting up or from sitting to standing. When blood pressure drops, less blood can go to your organs and muscles and this can make you likely to fall. Here is a link to that brochure - Click Here

Hope this is a helpful resource for your company.

Denver Senior Law Day is on Oct 17, 2015 - Keynote Speaker is Laura Wayman

Just want to share that Denver Senior Law Day is on Saturday, October 17, 2015 at the Denver Mart in Denver, Colorado. This annual educational seminar, held at several locations in Colorado, presents programs specifically for seniors in the Colorado community.

The Keynote Speaker for the Denver event is Laura Wayman. Laura, is known as the "Dementia Whisperer" and is an accomplished keynote speaker and world renown dementia expert, consultant, author, trainer and dedicated Gerontologist. Her presentation will grab your full attention with interesting stories, humor and relevant details about the complicated topic of dementia. 

This is an outstanding FREE educational event for Colorado seniors and adult children. View flyer to review entire list of workshops that range from senior housing, living wills, DNR orders, estate planning, long term care insurance, Medicaid basics, powers of attorney, guardianship, conservatorships and much more. View the event flyer with all the details - Click Here.

Visit the Event Website - Click Here

Hope to see you there!

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Looking to get involved with something for September for your Organization? How about Hunger?

September is Hunger Action Month.
Many Americans including seniors struggle with hunger. They live in our neighborhoods and they are our neighbors, co-workers and friends. Get involved with fighting hunger by donating and talking about hunger in America so we can all raise awareness and fight hunger in the United States. Learn more about Hunger Action Bank, local food banks and ways to fight hunger - CLICK HERE

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Check out Cyber-Seniors - Connecting Generations - Film Screening

We had a news snippet submitted to SeniorsResourceGuide National News & Events that caught our attention. Check out, "Cyber-Seniors – Connecting Generations – Film Screening." This is a new documentary film that is part of a nation-wide theatrical campaign to help promote youth volunteerism and senior tech literacy.

Cyber-Seniors chronicles the journey of a group of senior citizens as they discover the Internet through the guidance of teenage mentors. The cast of Cyber-Seniors both young and old, will make you laugh out loud (or LOL, as the Internet tech savvy teens say). 

Visit the website and view the movie Trailer and look for a showing in your area. If this movie is showing in your area, help a group of seniors and teens see this movie. It would be a great activity for a senior center or retirement community! www.cyberseniorsdocumentary.com

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Have to Mention a Great Networking Group - Denver Senior Coalitions!

Want to introduce you to a great networking group - Denver Senior Coalitions. Seniors Resource Guide is a member. And the amazing part is that as a networking group, the dues we collect go into a Joint Coalition Assistance fund and through JCAF Volunteers, the money is given to needy seniors recommended by Coalition members. That is great in and of itself, but the amazing part is the strength of the organization that comes from all of the volunteers and members at large. Check out the group's website:
Website: www.DenverSeniorCoalitions.org

By the way, we (Seniors Resource Guide) built and maintain the website. This is an example of where a simple organizational website showcases the group's content and resources. The website has great content and resources for professionals because we have amazing members to talk about!

So thank you to all Denver Senior Coalition Members!

And here is the latest Denver Senior Coalition and Colorado Front Range eNewsletter that we produced
May 2014 Denver Senior Coalition & Colorado Front Range Newsletter - CLICK HERE

Videos of Events - What a great idea! Check out Denver's Senior Day at The Capitol 2014

Have to share that we worked with Colorado Senior Lobby and their Senior Day at The Capitol event. Karin Hall is a Board Member of Colorado Senior Lobby. At a planning meeting she shared the idea that it would be great to produce videos about the event and have live streaming. Live streaming was not in the budget but video production was. And everyone agreed and we did!

So Senior Day at The Capitol is over but not gone!
You can find it on YouTube

The group videotaped the event and posted it on their YouTube Channel. Watch the event videos to learn more about what this great event and the Colorado Senior Lobby organization is all about. 

Visit the Colorado Senior Lobby YouTube Channel – Click Here 

And have to say thank you to everyone that made it happen. Visit Colorado Senior Lobby's Event Sponsorship web page to see how we are saying thank you to our Sponsors and Volunteers after the event - Click Here
(Are you thanking your Sponsors and Volunteers after an Event on your website?)
(And in particular, look for Randy Little and Steve Grund - they were amazing and extremely talented and knowledgeable in regard to video production and event planning.)

By the way, we also helped this Colorado Senior Lobby with their website. Explore the website and learn more about Colorado Senior Lobby:
Website: ColoradoSeniorLobby.org

Contact Karin Hall and SeniorsResourceGuide.com if you need help with website development, web content and Internet Marketing Strategy that makes full use of your website's content. Use the Seniors Resource Guide contact form and send us an email - Click Here

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

National Healthcare Decisions Day is Today April 16th

National Healthcare Decisions Day is today April 16th. Learn more about having advance directives and share this website. Professionals that serve seniors are in a great position to share information about advance directives with people of all ages. The group has a short video that eloquently explains why advance planning is so important.
Website: www.nhdd.org