Wednesday, December 11, 2013

December 2013 eNewsletter went out - last week

We want to share that the December 2013 eNewsletter for professionals went out last week. (Have to admit that we missed posting a notice here).  

The eNewsletter is called, "News, Resources & Marketing Updates For Professionals Serving Seniors." Here is a link to the archived eNewsletter - Click Here

Check out our eNewsletter for Professionals serving Seniors

Our system is that the eNewsletters are sent out to those who have signed up and then we add a link to the eNewsletter from the Senior Business Connection Newsroom web page. 

Check out our Senior Business Connection Newsroom. We are talking about Telehealth this month and 24HourMDNow - Click Here

By the way, the eNewsletter lists some free online meetings - a few are about 24HourMDNow and others are about Internet marketing strategy with This is the first time we have advertised meetings like this. Hope you can attend one or more of the meetings. Use this link to review upcoming December GoToMeetings - Click Here. Note that these are small GoToMeetings limited to 26 people and availability is first come, first served. If you should miss getting into a meeting send us an email via the eNewsletter.

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