Wednesday, November 6, 2013

VIP Exhibits Shared Some Great Tips in their November 2013 eNewsletter

Received our recent eNewsletter from VIP Exhibits located in the Denver area and they had some great tips on the pros and cons of renting a display. Their view was that renting is the way to go if you only exhibit once or twice a year and renting avoids the overhead of maintenance, storage and insurance. However with renting a display you are limited in how much customization you can do with the display, display rentals can offer challenges with showtimes and you still need to create all your graphics. The other option is to purchase your own display and they shared that it is probably good to purchase one if you use the display more than 4 times a year and of course the upside is that the display can be built to your exact specifications. The con's of owning your own display are that you are now responsible for storage, upkeep, inventory and maintenance, not to mention that at some point you will replace it or do a major freshening. Interesting points. 

The newsletter also had a link to a video about the new LED lighting that can be added to exhibits and office environment displays. The video looks really interesting but I bet this is even more awesome in person - Video is called "Moss Color Wash Wall in Moss Max 120mm" and Sherri Harrod of VIP Exhibits shared this link with us - Click Here

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