Thursday, November 14, 2013

Interesting Article & Interview with Bill Clinton on Ozy Media

Ran across Ozy Media, Inc. website and we are intrigued - What stopped us was the interview with Bill Clinton about the Affordable Care Act however what was engaging was the combination of the written words (a short article) and then the video interview available on the website. As we explored the website we found the content presented in a well-crafted website that is fun to navigate and the articles we have browsed and watched were well-written and informative. Here are two articles that caught our attention:
  • Bill Clinton talking about the roll out of the Affordable Care Act - Click Here and
  • Bill Clinton talking about healthy living and what do boomers owe younger generations in regard to taking better care of themselves? - Interesting! - Click Here.
Check out Ozy Media. By the way we also find their logo appealing and they have an eNewsletter -

One last item - we browsed their "Ozy House Rules" also known as "Housekeeping" and we agree with their statement that ...

  • "Ozy also wants to foster vigorous, active and respectful debate ..." - We need more attitude and behavior supporting this approach.
  • And here is a link to their Housekeeping section - Click Here
Great job Ozy Media, Inc. -

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