Thursday, May 8, 2014

Have to Mention a Great Networking Group - Denver Senior Coalitions!

Want to introduce you to a great networking group - Denver Senior Coalitions. Seniors Resource Guide is a member. And the amazing part is that as a networking group, the dues we collect go into a Joint Coalition Assistance fund and through JCAF Volunteers, the money is given to needy seniors recommended by Coalition members. That is great in and of itself, but the amazing part is the strength of the organization that comes from all of the volunteers and members at large. Check out the group's website:

By the way, we (Seniors Resource Guide) built and maintain the website. This is an example of where a simple organizational website showcases the group's content and resources. The website has great content and resources for professionals because we have amazing members to talk about!

So thank you to all Denver Senior Coalition Members!

And here is the latest Denver Senior Coalition and Colorado Front Range eNewsletter that we produced
May 2014 Denver Senior Coalition & Colorado Front Range Newsletter - CLICK HERE

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