Tuesday, October 13, 2015

The Prepared Senior eNewsletter for Oct-Nov 2015 is Posted

The Prepared Senior eNewsletter for Oct-Nov 2015 is posted online and sent to subscribers. Here is a link to the online version:
The Prepared Senior eNewsletter Oct-Nov 2015 - Click Here

I want to point out an interesting resource that we highlighted, that companies serving seniors can use to help their clients. 

Check out this Fall Prevention Resource - Click Here.
This brochure is created by the CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention) and it is meant to be used by companies serving seniors. This is part of "STEADI Materials for Your Older Adult Patients."

Go to this web page to see all of the STEADI Resources - Click Here
The CDC is providing versions with crop marks for if you want to print materials and also the online versions. There are also materials available in Spanish.

One of the interesting publications in the STEADI Resources is the Postural hypotension (or orthostatic hypotension). This is when a senior's blood pressure drops when you go from
lying down to sitting up or from sitting to standing. When blood pressure drops, less blood can go to your organs and muscles and this can make you likely to fall. Here is a link to that brochure - Click Here

Hope this is a helpful resource for your company.

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